Gray, curly fur made from the pelts of lambs of the Crimean region.

[German, from Krim, Crimea.]


(ˈkrɪmə) or


(Textiles) a tightly curled light grey fur obtained from the skins of lambs from the Crimean region
[C20: from German, from Krim Crimea]


or crim•mer

(ˈkrɪm ər)

a lambskin from Crimea, dressed as a fur, with wool in loose, soft curls, usu. whitish or pale gray.
[1825–35; < German, =Krim Crimea + -er -er1]
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NSW Fire Brigade Superintendent Ian Krimmer observed: The school was connected by a series of corridors with the wind just driving the fire through (SMH, 2005).
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Brian Oliver, PhD, a pharmacologist at the University of Sydney, and lead researcher David Krimmer, a PhD candidate there, used lung tissue from donors with and without COPD to see how the tissue would react when exposed to cigarette smoke.
We have demonstrated for the first time that the extracellular matrix (ECM) produced by fibroblasts following stimulation with cigarette smoke extract is functionally different than non-exposed ECM, and that the cigarette smoke itself may prime the airways in such a way to create an environment whereby airway remodelling is encouraged," wrote lead researcher David Krimmer of the University of Sydney in Australia.
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