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kro·na 1

n. pl. kro·nur (-nər)
See Table at currency.

[Icelandic króna, from Old Norse krūna, from Middle Low German krūne, krōne, ultimately from Latin corōna, wreath, crown (from the crown printed on the coin); see crown.]

kro·na 2

n. pl. kro·nor (-nôr′, -nər)
See Table at currency.

[Swedish, from Old Swedish krōna, from Middle Low German krūne, krōne; see krona1.]
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n, pl kronor (ˈkrəʊnə)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Sweden, divided into 100 öre


n, pl -nur (-nə)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Iceland, divided into 100 aurar
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(ˈkroʊ nə)

n., pl. -nor (-nôr).
the basic monetary unit of Sweden.
[1870–75; < Swedish; see kró na]


(ˈkroʊ nə)

n., pl. -nur (-nər)
the basic monetary unit of Iceland.
[1885–90; < Icelandic < Medieval Latin corōna gold coin (so called because it bore the imprint of a crown); see crown]
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Noun1.krona - the basic unit of money in Sweden
Swedish monetary unit - monetary unit in Sweden
ore - a monetary subunit in Denmark and Norway and Sweden; 100 ore equal 1 krona
2.krona - the basic unit of money in Iceland
Icelandic monetary unit - monetary unit in Iceland
eyrir - 100 aurar equal 1 krona in Iceland
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Heated discussion about reasons for the weak krona may also play a role in the wage round.
Currency: Swedish Kronor (SEK), 1 Swedish Krona: PS0.082 Time zone: GMT+2 The flight: Fly direct to Stockholm Arlanda Airport with SAS.
We call the concept "e-krona" - after the Swedish currency, krona. Bank-issued digital currency is a new and relatively unexplored possibility, but it is attracting growing interest from a number of central banks.
Notwithstanding this and the resilience of the krona to the lifting of virtually all capital controls in March 2017, a high 35% commodity exports share of current account receipts, and lack of diversification in the export base make the economy vulnerable to terms of trade shocks and the krona sensitive to large capital outflows.
The group's profit after tax fell from 8.35 billion Swedish krona (PS701 million) to 6.01 billion Swedish krona (PS510 million), a drop of 28%.
Opus Group AB (STO:OPUS) on Monday announced that it has mandated Swedbank AB as the sole arranger for a potential four-year, Swedish Krona denominated, senior, unsecured bond issue.
The Swedish group posted a slump in pre-tax profits to 1.3 billion Swedish krona (PS112 billion) for the three months to February 28, down from 3.2 billion Swedish krona (PS275 million) a year earlier.
Dollar 3.63000 3.65020 Canadian Dollar 2.86100 2.92400 Australian Dollar 2.86600 2.94700 New Zealand Dollar 2.64100 2.73200 Singapore Dollar 2.62500 2.68400 Hong Kong Dollar 0.44400 0.48600 Korean Won N/A 0.00370 Sterling Pound 4.63800 4.81000 Euro 4.12000 4.26200 Swiss Franc 3.74300 3.89900 Japanese Yen 0.03181 0.03318 Swedish Krona 0.43600 0.44400 Norwegian Krona 0.44600 0.45600 Danish Kroner 0.56100 0.57000 Indian Rupee 0.05500 0.05700 Pakistani Rupee N/A 0.03505 South African Rand N/A 0.29400 Turkish Lira 1.01700 1.09100 Gold/USD 1,238.30 1,239.10 Silver/USD 16.24 16.25 Platinum/USD 914.45 924.45
The repo rate was reduced to minus 0.50 percent from minus 0.35 percent&nbsp;as part of an unprecedented stimulus package&nbsp;launched last year to save the economy from deflation and keep the Swedish currency, the krona, from appreciating further.&nbsp;Due to the slump in energy costs&nbsp;and slow growth in property prices, inflation is expected to be lower in 2016 compared to a December forecast, Riksbank said in a ( statement Thursday.&nbsp;
The appreciation of the Swedish krona and, to a lesser degree, asset disposals weighed on net sales, which were down 4% to 25.274bn kronor.
Sweden's krona advanced after a report showed retail sales climbed.