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 (kro͝om′kä′kə, krŭm′kāk′)
n. Upper Midwest
A large thin cookie made from batter poured into an embossed mold with hinged plates.

[Norwegian : krum, curved, crooked (from Middle Low German, from Old High German krump) + kake, cake (from Old Norse kaka).]
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(ˈkrʊmˌkɛəkə; ˈkrʌmˌkeɪk)
(Cookery) a type of thin, sweet, waffle-like biscuit traditional in Norway
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Volunteers will demonstrate cooking lesfse, potato flatbread and krumkake, a waffle cookie.
The lands and sea offer up the freshest and best ingredients, exemplified by dishes such as smorbrod (open sandwiches), gravlax (cured salmon), reinsdyrsteik (reindeer roast) and krumkake (rolled crepes filled with whipped cream).
Every year the family of Matthew Martinez of Hammond, Indiana "gives away homemade, warm tamales to our church family at midnight Mass." Likewise, for Karen Karn of Plymouth, Minnesota, her family "loves to make all the Scandinavian sweets of my husband's heritage: sandbakelse, krumkake, spritz, and rosettes." For some, it's a certain food that truly gets them into the Christmas spirit, like "German stollen from the Christkind-market in downtown Chicago," which readers like Jeanie Lewis from Chicago purchase year after year.
On several occasions, while dishing out Krumkake (a waffle) the Norwegians were told: "We are voting to leave the EU, so we can be like Norway".
That's why you get everything, from Gai Lan with Air-Dried Beef to Krumkake with Grilled Figs, Walnut Butter and Lemon-Sour Cream Sauce, Ensalada Rusa to Kefir Ice Cream Float.
My Norwegian-American grandmother would make lefse and krumkake. My Mexican congregation celebrates Las Posadas, reenacting the journey of Mary and Joseph as they search for lodging.
19, 5:30 p.m.: Michael Arnum of Tower Hill and "cookie baker extraordinaire" will demonstrate Scandinavian holiday cookies, including krumkake, spritz, sandkaker, smultringer and more.
you get customers asking for pizzelle irons; neighborhoods with Scandinavian roots bring requests for krumkake grills.
The second organizational meeting to establish a Daughters of Norway lodge for women from the Junction City, Eugene, Springfield and surrounding areas; the cultural activity after the meeting will be making krumkake; refreshments will be served; for information or to help, contact Traci Klink, 541-740-1667 or
From Belgian to krumkake to pizzelles, what's not to love about the many warm and wonderful styles of waffles?
THE SCOOP Everything served from Adria Shimada's tiny, elegant ice cream truck is made from scratch: the hand-rolled krumkake cones, the candy she mixes into her Butter Toffee Crunch.
Each year at this time (mid December) my wife demonstrates the making of a Norwegian cookie called krumkake for one of the local assisted living homes for seniors here.