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A style of dance combining convulsive arm movements with energetic movements adapted from various urban dance forms. Also called clowning.

[Coined by the dancers who developed the style in south central Los Angeles in the 1990s.]

krump v.
krump′er n.
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(Dancing) a type of dancing in which participants, often wearing face paint, dance with one another in a fast and aggressive style mimicking a fight but without any physical contact
[C21: origin unknown]
ˈkrumper n
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It was quite a struggle to break free after a few minutes of wriggling around that resembled a new form of krumping.
2 BLK-Ops' first Microsoft ad (2012) featured everything from students krumping to an elderly couple kissing.
Hip-hop dance, a term that encompasses many styles, including popping, breakdance, funk, house, krumping, voguing, and street dance [1], has grown in popularity with an increasing number of television shows and movies and attracted a great number of followers [2].
B-boying, B-girling, krumping, locking, and popping are predominantly taught and a special Afro-dance for women has also been included in their list of dance forms due to public demand.
Says Prashant, " Krumping works on your legs, arms, upper body and thigh, while b- boying and stunts work on your core muscle.
I'd have thought hip hop, krumping and twerking would have overtaken it, but no.
Sue Perkins says: "I'm thrilled to be co-presenting Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief, not least because it will finally show the world why I was voted West Penwith's Krumping Champion (over 40s category).
Sue Perkins joked: "I'm thrilled to co-present this, not least because it will finally show the world why I was voted West Penwith's Krumping Champion (over 40s category)."
Some of the B-Town A-listers took to their social media handles to share some moments of their final rehearsal of thumkas, jhatkas, krumping and moon walk.
Krumping, hip hop and dub step moves were the catch words of the day for the troupe, which included three first place winners.
Although it wasn't in the job description, last series, she tried her hand at a street dance called 'krumping', where she failed to get past the initial arm swings and chest pops.