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 (ko͞o′dō′, kyo͞o′-)
n. pl. ku·dos (-dōz′)
Usage Problem A praising remark; an accolade or compliment: "Children's book author Virginia Hamilton added another kudo to her prize-laden career" (Calvin Reid). See Usage Note at kudos.

[Back-formation from kudos.]


(ˈku doʊ, ˈkyu-)

n., pl. -dos.
a statement of praise or approval; accolade; compliment.
[1925–30; back formation from kudos1, construed as a plural]
usage: See kudos1.
References in classic literature ?
Indeed, quite early in the week, when it was of most value to me, I gained considerable kudos for a lucky catch; a ball, of which I had merely heard the hum, stuck fast in my hand, which Lord Amersteth himself grasped in public congratulation.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), a Japan-based automaker, has named Teiko Kudo as its director.
THREE Merseysiders will represent Liverpool at the UK Championships of the fast growing sport of Kudo this weekend.
Kudo says Oma's operator, J-Power -- a formerly state-owned electricity wholesaler -- and Japan as a whole, have failed to learn the lessons from the crisis and are not doing enough to ensure communities near the power station are safe.
The Kudo Fake Fur Throw is as stylish as it is functional to keep you snug during the winter months.
Board of Regents member Benjamin Kudo recently proposed the moratorium.
JAI KUDO Lenses will be launching two new lens coatings, Infinity XT and Infinity XT Hydro+, at Optrafair on stand Q53, and will be raising awareness of its improved operational structure to support the independent optician.
The Japanese-Canadian movie "Karakara," starring Japanese actress Yuki Kudo, on Monday won two awards at the Montreal World Film Festival.
At the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles yesterday, Kudo Tsunoda from computer giant Microsoft showed off the first system that lets viewers tell the TV what they want to watch.
They have approached Kudo and she was delighted to take on the job," the friend added.
President Yasumi Kudo indicated Monday that the shipping company and Japan Airlines Corp.
Shunsaku Kudo, who decided to rescue the British sailors.