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Letting the beetle loose in Shenandoah might seem like a perfect solution to the problem, but introducing an exotic critter is no small matter in a park that is already beleaguered by hundreds of invasive species, from kudzu vine to European starlings.
While the kudzu vine itself is not edible, you can make the leaves, flowers, ( and roots into an array of dishes .
One way this bureaucratic kudzu vine avoided being cut back was by always blaming local "naysayers" and environmentalists for its failures.
The scientists say past government actions allowed invasive plants such as the kudzu vine in the South to quickly spread and overtake ecosystems.
The kudzu vine, introduced from Japan's pavilion at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, is taking over southern farmers' land at the rate of 150,000 acres a year, smothering existing plants with a solid blanket of leaves.
These are so numerous and so detailed that, like the kudzu vine in the Southeastern United States, they sometimes take over the page and smother the text with over-interpretation.
Here in Georgia, we have to keep the windows closed at night to keep the kudzu vine (Pueraria lobata) out.
Using the image of a kudzu vine with its entangled roots and branches to represent the many lineages and traditions of Daoism, the book untangles and interprets these traditions in relation to the larger flow of Chinese culture and history in which they have taken root and grown.
Super Restorative serum is rich in isoflavones derived from kudzu vine, supplemented by algae extract to re-energize skin cells made sluggish by hormonal processes.
Another highly ornamental plant from Japan that's also got out of control is the Kudzu vine, which has simply rampaged over huge areas of the south-eastern USA.
Tom Covington, North Carolina's longtime director of legislative fiscal research, compares state spending to the kudzu vine - the more you try to cut it down and prune it, the more it grows.