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 (ko͞o-lăk′, ko͞o′lăk′, -läk′)
A prosperous landed peasant in czarist Russia, characterized by the Communists during the October Revolution as an exploiter.

[Russian, fist, kulak ("tightfisted landowner"), from Old Russian kulakŭ, fist, probably akin to dialectal Czech kulák, small stone (both Czech and Old Russian then being from Proto-Slavic *kulakŭ, fist, of unknown origin), or possibly of Turkic origin (akin to Turkish kol, arm, from Old Turkic kōl, upper arm).]


(Historical Terms) (in Russia after 1906) a member of the class of peasants who became proprietors of their own farms. After the October Revolution the kulaks opposed collectivization of land, but in 1929 Stalin initiated their liquidation
[C19: from Russian: fist, hence, tightfisted person; related to Turkish kol arm]


(kʊˈlɑk, -ˈlæk; ˈku lɑk, -læk)

a comparatively wealthy Soviet peasant who, during the Communist drive to collectivize agriculture in 1929–33, was viewed as an oppressor and class enemy.
[1875–80; < Russian kulák (orig.) a miserly person, literally, fist]


A Russian term meaning a tight-fisted person; used of peasant farmers who gained land after 1906. After 1917 they opposed collectivization of agricultural land, and in 1929 Stalin began their liquidation.
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Yontemler: Kulak kasintisi olan 50 hastadan ve olmayan 54 hastadan kasinti suresi, kasinti icin kullandigi ilaclar ve kasintiyi degerlendirmek uzere gorsel Analog Skala (VAS skala) doldurmasi istendi.
In comparison, a study by Kulak et al, showed a much higher satisfaction with PVM-MA based denture adhesive which was statistically significant in comparison to the CC based denture adhesive.
The present policy in the country is not a prolongation of this policy, but a violent change from the old policy of limiting capitalist elements in the villages to a new policy of liquidating the kulak as a class.
The kicker was that Kulak didn't even own a smartphone with which to use these apps.
Kulak Burun Bogaz klinigi tarafindan yapilan muayenesinde sol nazal pasajda ve sert damakta nekrotik dokular izlendi.
John Kulak has been appointed manager of the Goss Packaging Technology Center, a specialized demonstration, testing and education facility at the Goss headquarters in Durham, N.
The BEST CLASS ENEMY OF THE YEAR SHIELD This has to be Michael Bland RN, DipHE, BSc [Hons], MPhil, of Cambridge for demonstrating Kulak Consciousness [2] in his unprovoked and splenetic attack on the Te Henga Collective-attack one and you attack all, Brother Mike.
Featured are: Tom Allen of CBC Radio 2 as narration and on trombone; Kevin Fox voice and on cello, Bryce Kulak, voice and on piano and accordion; Lori Gemmell on harp; and Patricia O'Callaghan, voice.
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Over the course of seven chapters she discusses the introductory context regarding the anti-kulak campaigns in the Soviet Union proper, the theoretical literature concerning class struggle and violence in communist societies, the roles of local political institutions, the construction of the definition of kulak, the background and performance of those responsible for making policy decisions at the local level, and the impact of kulak deportations on local society.
Our results are contradictory to those of Kulak and Arikan, who did not found any significant relationship between the prevalence of 21 DRS and overnight denture wearing .