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also kou·miss  (ko͞o-mĭs′, ko͞o′mĭs)
The fermented milk of a mare or camel, used as a beverage by certain peoples of western and central Asia.

[Russian kumys, from Old Russian komyzŭ, from Old Turkic qïmïz, from qammaq, to shake.]


(ˈkuːmɪs) ,






(Cookery) a drink made from fermented mare's or other milk, drunk by certain Asian tribes, esp in Russia, or used for dietetic and medicinal purposes
[C17: from Russian kumys, from Kazan Tatar kumyz]


(ˈku mɪs)

fermented mare's or camel's milk, used as a beverage by Asian nomads.
[1590–1600; < Russian kumýs < Turkic; compare Turkish kImIz]
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The other national drink in Kazakhstan refers to kumiss, a drink made from fermented horse milk - not urine as comrade Borat joked in the film.
For a year I busied myself with arbitration work, the schools, and the magazine; and I became so worn out--as a result especially of my mental confusion--and so hard was my struggle as Arbiter, so obscure the results of my activity in the schools, so repulsive my shuffling in the magazine (which always amounted to one and the same thing: a desire to teach everybody and to hide the fact that I did not know what to teach) that I fell ill, mentally rather than physically, threw up everything, and went away to the Bashkirs in the steppes, to breathe fresh air, drink kumiss, and live a merely animal life.
He had men to look after the droves of horses and the herds of cattle and sheep, and women to milk the mares and cows and to make kumiss [a liquor made from mare' s milk], butter, and cheese.