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Noun1.kurakkan - East Indian cereal grass whose seed yield a somewhat bitter flour, a staple in the Orient
Eleusine, genus Eleusine - annual and perennial grasses of savannas and upland grasslands
millet - any of various small-grained annual cereal and forage grasses of the genera Panicum, Echinochloa, Setaria, Sorghum, and Eleusine
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Morning tea was a sweet, milky tea (kade tea) with a banana, and a healthy sweet meat called halapa, a treat made from coconut, finger millet flour (kurakkan), treacle and various spices wrapped in a Macaranga peltata (kanda) leaf to preserve it.
Special Commoidty Levy on all other items inclusive of Dhal, Onion, green peas, chickpeas, cow peas, Kurakkan, Margarine etc.
This will provide permanent employment opportunities for conflict-affected communities and boost incomes of thousands of local farmers who will supply the factory with rice, millet (kurakkan), black gram, and sesame seeds.
Apart from vegetables and fruit three crops, Paddy, Kurakkan ( finger millet),and Maize (corn) were grown in our area.
However, with a steep surge in the wheat and wheat flour prices in the wheat growing countries due to crop destruction and crop failures by natural disasters and global forecast predicting further increases of wheat prices in the future the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa with a futuristic vision has decided to minimize the dependency on wheat flour and promote production of flour using rice and other indigenous crops such as "Kurakkan" millet, cereals, pulses, and yams which had been the traditional food items for Sri Lankans throughout the country.