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Noun1.kurchi - tropical Asian tree with hard white wood and bark formerly used as a remedy for dysentery and diarrhea
genus Holarrhena, Holarrhena - genus of deciduous trees and shrubs of tropical Africa and Asia
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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"The opportunity to work with an acclaimed international cast and production team bringing an original opera to Nepal, a country which has hardly ever experienced or produced one, was too exciting to pass up," says writer and set designer Kurchi Dasgupta.
On 19 April, an Antonov dropped four bombs on Kurchi area and two bombs into Hajar-katuka village.
The restaurant's signature dish is Kurchi Welsh Lamb which is a whole leg of lamb, marinated in spices and slow roasted in the oven.
Serial Local Name Parts used Number 1 Ghritokumari Leaf 2 Kantanol Root, leaf 3 Tunimankuni Leaf 4 Akondo Sap from leaf stalk 5 Kurchi Bark 6 Rokto korobi Bark of base of tree 7 Korobi, Chelim ful Bark of root, root, bark, leaf 8 Taal Sap 9 Anantamul Whole plant, root 10 Kan pata Leaf sap 11 Caraiya, Kashrush Whole plant 12 Hatishura Leaf 13 Foni-monsha Sap 14 Dudh lota Leaf 15 Masoor dal Seed 16 Chirota Leaf, stem 17 Goom shak Leaf 18 Kalo tulshi Leaf 19 Roshun Clove 20 Shotomuli Leaf 21 Guloncho Leaf, stem 22 Amrul gach Whole plant, leaf 23 Gol morich Fruit 24 Ulot kombol Stem, bark 25 Tok pata, Pahar chukai Leaf 26 Harjora Whole plant Serial Disease, Number Symptoms, Formulations, and Administration 1 Hemorrhoids.
He extracted numerous important compounds from Rauwolfia Serpentina (chaand buti), Holarrhena (Kurchi) and Melia Azadirachata (Neem) that is helpful in the field of medicinal sciences in Pakistan.
Numerous local sources have confirmed that the airstrikes on Kurchi destroyed the market and killed at least 16 civilians, including eight women and children.
From Buffalo, NY-based Herbion come Entoban capsules and syrup, featuring the following herbal lineup: myrtleberry (Myrtus communis), bael fruit (Aegele marelos), lotur (Symplocos racemosa), oak galls (Quercus infectoria), East Indian screw tree (Heicteres isora), kurchi (Holarrhena antidysenterica), berberry (Berberis aristata), and acacia (Acacia Arabica).
According to the rebel official, an Antonov bomber on Monday bombed Kujur Shabia area with 13 bombs, adding in Um Dorain County it bombed Kurchi with one bomb, two bombs into Um Serdiba and three bombs into Karkraia.