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n. pl. kur·to·ses (-sēz′)
A quantity indicating how sharply a probability distribution function increases and decreases around the distribution's mean.

[Greek kurtōsis, bulging, curvature, from kurtoun, to make bulge, from kurtos, convex; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Statistics) statistics a measure of the concentration of a distribution around its mean, esp the statistic B2 = m4/m22 where m2 and m4 are respectively the second and fourth moment of the distribution around the mean. In a normal distribution B2 = 3. See also platykurtic, mesokurtic, leptokurtic Compare skewness
[from Greek: curvature, from kurtos arched]
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(kɜrˈtoʊ sɪs)

a measure of a curve describing the statistical frequency distribution in the region about its mode.
[1900–05; < Greek kýrtōsis convexity]
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koeficient špičatostišpičatost
kurtosiscoefficient d'aplatissement
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A visual inspection of histograms, normal Q-Q plots and box plots showed that pre and post intervention scores were approximately normally distributed, with a skewness of 0.16 (SE=0.221) and a kurtosis of -1.45 (SE=0.438) for pre-intervention and a skewness of -0.206 ( SE=.221) and kurtosis of -0.678 (SE= 0.483) for post intervention group.
Table-I: Mean, standard deviation cronbach's alpha reliability, skewness, kurtosis and range of brief coping scale and self-report measure of emotional intelligence scale, (N = 100).
The parameters obtained from functional sequences were kurtosis from T2-weighted images, ADC from DWI, and [K.sup.trans], [k.sub.ep], [v.sub.e] and IAUGC90 (area under the curve) from perfusion.
The fitness function proposed in this paper is based on kurtosis and mutual information.
The results from Wilcoxon signed-rank tests show that retailers inflated the demand forecast significantly less for friends (M = 1.23, SD = 18.12, skewness = - .11, kurtosis = 3.62) than for strangers (M = 10.55, SD = 29.06, skewness = .82, kurtosis = 7.34, Z = - 9.419, p < .001, Cohen's d = .451), which corresponds with a higher level of trustworthiness for friends.
kurtosis (from the Greek word meaning bulging) is a measure of the "peakedness" of the probability distribution of a real-valued random variable.
It detects the abnormality in the turbo pump operation with the simple time domain features like RMS, Crest Factor, Skew Factor and Kurtosis extracted in the noise-free decay region of vibration.
(2018) offer a clarification that "the skew (0.3365) and kurtosis (-0.3013) for the data in Fig.
All variables, except for Distance (D), exhibit high coefficient of variation (CV), positive skewness and high kurtosis (or leptokurtic distribution).