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See Cuanza.


n. pl. kwanza or kwan·zas
See Table at currency.

[After the Kwanza River, the largest river of Angola.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Angola, divided into 100 lwei
[from a Bantu language]


(ˈkwɑn zə)

n., pl. -za, -zas.
the basic monetary unit of Angola.
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Noun1.kwanza - the basic unit of money in Angola
Angolan monetary unit - monetary unit in Angola
lwei - 100 lwei equal 1 kwanza in Angola
2.kwanza - a festival featuring African-American cultureKwanza - a festival featuring African-American culture; celebrated between Christmas and New Year
festival, fete - an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place); "a drama festival"
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Indecision almost cost our final World Cup Foreign Fortunes winner his 78,000 Angolan Kwanzas.
According to Bloomberg, kwanzas trade in the unsanctioned money markets of Luanda at a rate of 100 per dollar, only slightly off the official exchange rate of 95.
At the end of 1995, $100 was worth 2,500,000 kwanzas or double the exchange rate at mid-year.
Covering an area of 260 square meters, the two-floor institution was put up within six months and is estimated at 33 million Kwanzas.
He said, This credit line, with a budget of 5 billion kwanzas, was created with the aim of bringing banking services closer to the community and reducing red tape for access to loans, particularly by micro, small and medium enterprises.
The figures of the AICEP demonstarted that in the same period Portugal sold goods to Angola worth 316 billion kwanzas (1.
Adhering to a contract signed between the bank and a Chinese construction company seven billion kwanzas (about Usd 70 million) will be spent in the rehabilitation of the building of the State-owned Banco de Poupanca e Credito (BPC ), in Luanda.
The construction work has been completed on the our-building "Sky Tower" by the Escom group, in which it invested 65 billion kwanzas (US$674.
Benguela Railway Company`s (CFB) rehabilition has been totaled at 70 million kwanzas in the border municipality of Luau, eastern Moxico province, the Minister of Transport, Augusto da Silva TomEis.
In August 2011 the Angolan central bank launched a programme called Banquita, which allowed bank accounts to be opened with just 100 kwanzas (for current accounts) and 1,000 kwanzas (for savings accounts), as part of the financial inclusion programme.
As per the report, goods or services transactions worth over 1,000 kwanzas (US$10), publishing invoice or an equivalent document is now needed for all economic agents in Angola.
He said that the Modernization of Kambambe Hydroeletrict infrastructure will cost 180 biliE[acute accent]es de Kwanzas.