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also ki·ack  (kī′ăk′)
A packsack that hangs on either side of a packsaddle.

[Probably from kayak.]


US a type of pannier, with two bags that hang on either side of a packsaddle


(ˈkaɪ æk)

two connected sacks designed to hang on either side of a packsaddle.
[1900–05, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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The third artist-run business to occupy the Meow--a gallery run by artists Lisa Anne Auerbach and Joel Kyack that hosts small businesses as exhibitions in a roughly nine-by-eleven-foot shed--Decker's Sillishop opened on Black Friday and ran through Boxing Day, during which time shelves were continually restocked as customers purchased the tiny found sculptures.
1 Joel Kyack, Superclogger (LAXART, Hammer Museum, and various freeways around Los Angeles) This summer, a random sample of LA's commuters were treated to an unexpected puppet show from the back of a Mazda truck, with a sound track transmitted to its audience via short-range radio.