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 (kī′lĭks, kĭl′ĭks)
n. pl. ky·li·kes (kī′lĭ-kēz′, kĭl′ĭ-)
A shallow, wide drinking cup with two handles and a stem, used in ancient Greece.

[Greek kulix.]


(ˈkaɪlɪks; ˈkɪl-) or


n, pl -likes (-lɪˌkiːz)
(Archaeology) a shallow two-handled drinking vessel used in ancient Greece
[C19: from Greek kulix cup; compare chalice]
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Noun1.kylix - a shallow drinking cup with two handleskylix - a shallow drinking cup with two handles; used in ancient Greece
cup - a small open container usually used for drinking; usually has a handle; "he put the cup back in the saucer"; "the handle of the cup was missing"
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77m, achieved at Christie's New York in 2000 for a red-figure kylix, attributed to Douris the painter and his long-term potter collaborator, Python.
Semejante vaso aparecio en el departamento 41 del yacimiento, una estancia de pequenas dimensiones pero repleta de material que formaba parte de una de las viviendas mas ricas del poblado; se acompanaba de gran cantidad de ceramica iberica de todo tipo, incluyendo otros vasos con decoracion figurada y abundantes recipientes de pequenas dimensiones, una kylix de la clase delicada, cinco fusayolas y varios elementos de hierro y bronce (Bonet 1995: 168-178).
Ademas, en la sepultura lxii, del estrato I, segun Almagro-Gorbea, situada al o de la necropolis, se hallaron dos piedras talladas que sirvieron como remate de algun util--punzon o huso segun su excavador--en un ajuar que destaca porque incluia el pie recortado de un kylix atico entre otros elementos ceramicos y al que se considera elemento importado de prestigio presente en otras necropolis cercanas como Haza del Arca, de Ucles (Lorrio, 2007: 264).
A Greek kylix from the fifth century BCE, featuring a warrior in full armor and weaponry, provides additional visual evidence for this throwing loop, which is clearly a descendant of the bulbous appendages on the Mycenaean spears of the Warrior Vase.
The wine was consumed in a variety of vessels including the kylix, skyphos, kantharos and rhyton.
Figure 3, a red-figure kylix from the British Museum (E 38), shows a man listening to a woman perform on her aulos.
To reduce development costs, the project leader assembled a software framework consisting of Borland Kylix 3 Open Edition, the Mandrake Linux operating system, the Apache web server, FreeCLX and ZeosDB libraries for database access, and IndySOAP for the SOAP/XML interface.
NET/ Linux, All POSIX VistA Public MonoGTK+ Linux BSD UNIX, derivative Domain MUMPS C# 32-bit MS Windows Inpatient GPL, Java NT/2000/XP Affero, LGPL Patient Win 32 32-bit MS Windows Mental health GPL Runner Delphi 32-bit MS Windows medical Kylix 95/98/NT/2000/XP records system Ambulatory World VistA Curses/ Linux All POSIX, VistA Public Ncurses Other API derivative Domain Console/ Electronic GPL Terminal, health record Win32 Ambulatory MUMPS, Delphi/ Kylix World VistA Delphi/ Unknown VistA Public EHR TM Kylix derivative Domain VOE/1.
In addition, the Apache HTTP Server is redistributed through many proprietary software packages such as WebSphere, Oracle RDBMS, Kylix, NetWare, and Delphi, as well as numerous Linux distributions.
More than 200 exhibitors from 30 countries will participate in the Dubai International Horse Fair, with many new companies taking part this year including Alisul Alimentos, Equiliner, Horseliner, Karaman Veterinary, Kylix UK, Morovol, Point Two Jackets and Yueqing Gsport.