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1. A brief responsive prayer used as the first item in the Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Mass or in any of various other Christian liturgies, traditionally beginning with the Greek words Kyrie eleison ("Lord, have mercy").
2. A musical setting of this prayer.

[Late Latin Kȳrie (eleison), from Greek Kūrie eleēson, Lord, have mercy : Kūrie, vocative of kūrios, lord, master; see keuə- in Indo-European roots + eleēson, aorist imperative of elein, to show mercy (from eleos, mercy).]
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When I tell you that my nuptial mass is written...wait till you hear the KYRIE. ..."
"KYRIE!...KYRIE!...KYRIE ELEISON!...Wait till you hear, wait till you hear that mass."
" Kyrie eleison ,"* said the priests, who had remained beneath the arch of the portal.
" Kyrie eleison ," repeated the throng in that murmur which runs over all heads, like the waves of a troubled sea.
Kyrie Irving recently underwent a minor "minimally invasive" procedure to rectify the knee soreness he has been suffering this season.