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interj, n
(Judaism) a variant spelling of lechaim
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(ləˈxɑ yɪm, lə xɑˈyim)

Hebrew. (used as a drinking toast.)
[ləḥayyīm literally, to life]
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In addition to the popular Shalom Ball, Planet Dog is adding the L'chaim Ball to its holiday roundup.
In the Yiddish version of the show, the song "To Life!" doesn't have to be translated from "L'Chaim!" -- It's just 'L'Chaim!" ''If I Were a Rich Man" becomes "Ven ikh bin a Rotschild," from a story by Aleichem about a man who imagines he was as wealthy as a member of the Rothschild family.
Kettner tells the man to bring Kuhn in, sarcastically saying to Hubermayer, "I have to take stock with my capable Doctor Kuhn." Back in Kuhn's room, Pollack pops the cork on the champagne and sloppily pours some for Kuhn and himself, toasting "L'chaim!" The servant comes in and tells Kuhn that Kettner will see him now.
Her go-to de-stressor is a YouTube video of Broadway composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda and friends singing "L'chaim (To Life)" and dancing at his wedding reception.
At the dinner table, "L'Chaim" toasts and talk of circumcision fill the air--indeed Greg's foreskin, which his parents have saved as a memento, literally flies through it on its way into the fondu.
Usnavi invokes "L'Chaim" as he and Benny engage in good-natured club banter.
The whole book seems to be a means of evoking the horror of tragic loss and then meeting it with a rush of comic power that calls forth the chant "To Life, to life, L'Chaim." On the other hand, the protagonist of Roth's latest novel the Humbler does, indeed, end his life.
When this is printed it will be 2011 so, na zdravje, prost, skal, slainte, l'chaim, fluff in yer keyhole, reek up yer lum, and I wish you all I wish myself.
But instead of whiling away his time there in a bookish, Bohemian haze, this American Football-playing Baptist made UK headlines when he was chosen as the president of the Jewish L'Chaim Society.
<![CDATA[ Supporters of Israel will rally in NYC Tuesday evening in solidarity with Israel; L'Chaim 5K Run/Walk for Israel held in Queens.]]>
"I no longer need a divorce lawyer, you're fired." "L'chaim!", he said, raising his glass: "To Life!" www.tomgutteridge.com
Their stirring toast "To Life!" (l'Chaim) is a kind of grace note qualifying all that went before.

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