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Noun1.lab coat - a light coat worn to protect clothing from substances used while working in a laboratorylab coat - a light coat worn to protect clothing from substances used while working in a laboratory
coat - an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors
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The ministry also explained that international studies have shown that such behaviour can lead to lab coat transmissible diseases as practitioners wear them in conferences, masjids and television interviews outside the health institution premises.
"Day in and day out we wear no make-up, no nail polish, hair snatched back and a boring white lab coat," says Catherine.
A COLLEGE lecturer is swapping her suit for a white lab coat as she works towards developing a new course.
1) An pounds 18m campaign should not be named after the party founded by a man whose main claims to fame are that he's the new best mate of Rula Lenska and is rarely seen without a dressing gown, cigar or lab coat on 24-hour television.
Perhaps next time he goes out for a little tipple he should go the whole hog and borrow a lab coat and grow a beard.
The first was a fashion Barbie in a tight dress, the second a doctor Barbie wearing a lab coat and low heels, and thirdly a Mrs Potato Head.
This handy timer clips to your lab coat, belt, notebook, clipboard, or anywhere.
Wear your name plate/ID/title on your lab coat, but keep your political buttons for your "civies."
"And being able to be considered sexy even though I wear a floor length lab coat in every episode, showing very little skin and spewing out medical terms all day," she added.
The public debate about animal testing has become nothing more than a slanging match between someone in a lab coat and someone in a balaclava.
The box for an adult videocasette, entitled "Designer Genes," showing a buxom blonde in a revealing lab coat. A comic book called "The New Mutants." One of James Watson's original wire-and-metal models of the double-helical DNA stucture, which he and Francis Crick discovered.
The show was wired, and there was a woman in a punk hairdo, not a faceless middle-aged guy in a white lab coat, throwing the switches.