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(Placename) the Czech name for the (River) Elbe
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(ˈɛl bə, ɛlb)

a river in central Europe, flowing from the W Czech Republic NW through Germany to the North Sea. 725 mi. (1165 km) long. Czech, Labe.
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(5) In this same year, 1911, between the Aufzeichnungen and the letter to Kolb, Rilke probably translated Labe's 'Tout aussi tot ...'.
Daniel Martin, in Signe(s) d'Amante, argues that despite its appearance as a rather haphazard amalgamation of sonnets, elegies, mythological dialogue, and literary tributes, Louise Labe's volume of collected works constitutes a harmonious form, replete with a network of echoes, interferences, cross-references, and parallelisms on every level of its composition.
Of course, Labe's mourning is erotic longing precipitated by her lover's absence, which makes it categorically different from complaintes such as "Helas, faut-il." Nonetheless, the similarities between Labe's elegies and the laments voiced in the complaintes are striking.
"Air temperatures are now rising at more than twice the rate of the global mean temperature - a phenomenon known as 'Arctic Amplification'," Labe said.
FAST Company has reported the FAA has announced it hasapproved a landmark seat design from Molon Labe Seating to make middle seats on aircraft more comfortable, the company said.
When Abbot obliged, Labe head-butted him, unleashing insults in the process.
Labe added that the warm intrusion penetrated right through the heart of the Central Arctic.
"MOLON LABE" IS THE MOTTO OF THE Special Operations Command Central and dates as far back as the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC and means "come and take them"--the defiant response by the Greeks when the Persian Empire demanded the surrender of their weapons.
"We are after a good agreement and will not accept the other side's excessive demands at all," Takht Ravanchi said in a meeting with Chilean Deputy Foreign Relations Minister for Political Affairs Alfredo Labe in Tehran on Monday.
The locations were the LuZnice site (the Bechyne River, river km 11), the Topelec site (the Otava River, river km 20), the Nespeky site (the Sazava River, river km 27.5 km), the Srbsko site (the Berounka River, river km 29), the Zeldn site (the Vltava River, river km 5), the Obnstvi site (the Labe River, river km 122), the Schmilka site (the Labe River, river km 21), the Zidlochovice site (the Svratka River, river km 23), the Pohansko site (the Dyje River, river km 16), the Lanzhot site (the Morava River, river km 9.5), and the Bohumin site (the Odra River, river km 9).
WORCESTER: GAZETTE BET: 4.20 Molon Labe. NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.20 Victor Leudorum, 2.50 Engai, 3.20 Snapchat, 3.50 On The Feather, 4.20 Catch Tammy, 4.55 Ogee, 5.30 Falcarragh.