labial stop

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Noun1.labial stop - a stop consonant that is produced with the lips
occlusive, plosive, plosive consonant, plosive speech sound, stop consonant, stop - a consonant produced by stopping the flow of air at some point and suddenly releasing it; "his stop consonants are too aspirated"
labial, labial consonant - a consonant whose articulation involves movement of the lips
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The following example shows metathesis in Balochi in which fricative exchanges its position with labial stop.
This can be compared to the labial fricative <v> and voiceless labial stop, which each have around 20,000 words containing them (Hakulinen, Vilkuna, Korhonen, Koivisto, Heinonen, Alho 2004).
Patterns revealed in these and other experiments ate similar to the substitution of the labial stop for the velar stop in word-medial position in Spanish, and this may suggest similar underlying mechanisms are at work.
That is why labial stops have small but velar stops have big VOTs.
The necessity for secondary gestures to enhance the primary [voice] feature is greatest for dorsal stops, for which the area between the glottis and the point of constriction is smallest, while it is less urgent for alveolar and coronal stops and least urgent for labial stops.