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 (lā′bīl′, -bəl)
1. Open to change; readily changeable or unstable: labile chemical compounds; tissues with labile cell populations.
2. Fluctuating widely: labile hypertension; labile emotions.
3. Decomposing readily: the labile component of organic matter.

[Middle English labil, forgetful, wandering, from Old French labile, from Late Latin lābilis, apt to slip, from lābī, to slip.]

la·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.


the susceptibility to error or lapses of any kind, as a human failing. — labile, adj.
See also: Strength and Weakness


n. labilidad, condición de inestabilidad.
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It is also targeted at type 1 patients who are at high risk for acute complications, such as hypoglycemia unawareness, extreme glycemic lability, and/or severe hypoglycemic episodes.
In addition to the industry standard property coverages expected by agents and insureds, Westminster offers tenant discrimination lability coverage and business income coverage for 1 months.
Emotional lability says something about the strength and frequency of the stimuli necessary for one's feelings to make an impression.
This PEC-Direct product is being developed to treat patients with type 1 diabetes who already require immune suppression following a kidney transplant, as well as patients at high risk for acute complications, including hypoglycemia unawareness, extreme glycemic lability, and/or severe hypoglycemic episodes, added the company.
As a primary care doctor, some of the symptoms that raise my concern are insomnia, lability (frequent and/or excessive emotional displays of mood), and a reduced ability or inability to engage in life (whether that's work, family, or social and recreational activities).
The most common treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs) (reported in 5 % or more of patients and greater than placebo) included insomnia, decreased appetite, affect lability (rapid change in emotion), headache and irritability.
Considering that there are few studies evaluating SOM behavior in the Quilombos of Brazil, this study aimed to evaluate the labile and stable fractions of SOM and the indices of lability (LI) and C management (CMI) in areas under conservation and conventional cultivation by Quilombola farmers, in Goias.
3) Other possible signs include outburst of anger or frustration and emotional lability.
The senator said Aguirre's lability would depend if Robles or Argosino would eventually point to him as the one who ordered them to receive money from Sombero.
Emotional Lability/Negativity (ELN) includes 15 negative items (higher scores correspond to higher lability) assessing angry reactivity, emotional intensity, inflexibility, lability and disregulated negative affect (e.
In addition, these patients revealed a higher level of sensitivity and lability (in comparison with patients with CHD) with high demands of themselves.
Mechanical, Piping & instrumentation Works at Sewage Treatment Works with operation & Maintenance for 3 years after 12 Months defect lability period at Dhanwapur, Gurgaon and all other works contingent thereto.