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n.1.(Surg.) A plastic operation for making a new lip, or for replacing a lost tissue of a lip.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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These procedures include labioplasty, in which the inner labia is reduced and the unwanted fat from the mons pubis & the upper part of the labia majora is removed.
Most of 46 XX CAH patients, even if markedly virilised, and 46 XY complete androgen insensitivity syndrome are raised as females.26,27 Surgery include clitorplasty, labioplasty and vaginoplasty28 but almost 90% will only require vaginoplasty.29 Patients of 5-[alpha] reductase deficiency30 and 17-[beta] hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency31 are assigned to the male gender.
Issues such as "choice" and consent [31] were discussed at great length with many asking how FGM can be condemed as a human rights violation when male circumcision is not [32] and when the practice of labioplasty is on the increase amongst "Western" woman [33].
Terms included "labioplasty" "liposculpting" "hoodectomy" and "hymenoplasty."
CHICAGO -- Labioplasty resulted in high rates of satisfaction and few complications in what is being described as the largest series of pediatric and adolescent females undergoing labioplasty for symptomatic labial hypertrophy.
Television programs, direct marketing, and the Internet are providing patients with information on a range of procedures, including revirgination, designer laser vaginoplasty, labial reduction, augmentation labioplasty, hy-menoplasty, vulvar lipoplasty, and genital bleaching.
Perhaps the best solution is laser reduction labioplasty which involves sculpting off the edges of the labia with the laser to make them smaller and more even.
Vulvoplasty or labioplasty, sought by patients to improve the shape and size of the vagina, and to treat painful or embarrassing conditions, can be eligible for Medicare payments if deemed to be clinically essential, but not if performed solely for cosmetic reasons.
Gabrielle Richard, 24, a hairdresser from Manchester, felt her pubic area was too bony so she opted for augmentation labioplasty.