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9), yellow-whitish; antennae yellow-whitish, basal third of antennal segment III and apical half of antennal segments IV pale-brown; labium whitish, apex of labial segment IV pale brown; legs whitish, tarsi pale-brown; spines of AB9 pale-brown.
decoratulus, known from Peru, the anterolateral margin of pronotum has the anterior third almost straight and the posterior third convex and emarginate; the labium reaches the apex of metasternum; and the posteroventral margin of male genital capsule is almost straight.
Clinical Features of Merkel Cell Carcinoma of the Genitourinary Tract Age, Size, Source, y y/Sex Site cm Tang et al, 67/F Labium minus 1.
Her iki ust ekstremite dorsumunda birkac adet, alt ekstremite ve govdede cok sayida ufak vezikuller iceren eritemli targetoid makul-papul ve plaklar, genital bolgede labium major ve minor uzerinde asinmis alanlar mevcuttu (Resim 1).
As diagnostic morphological characters we examined the number of corm lobes, the number of leaves, leaf length and width, the number of peripheral fiber strands, presence or absence of stomata and velum, shape of labium and ligule, and sporangium length and width (Table 1).
Hastanin labium majusta ortaya cikan KA lezyonu 3 ay icerisinde skuamoz hucreli karsinoma (SHK) donusmustu (Sekil 3).
The technique involves removing a "V" from the most protuberant portion of each labium, then precisely suturing the ends together to give a normal and natural appearance with virtually no scars.
As the fascicle enters the skin, the labium pulls back.
It continues the detailed studies and use of mouth part morphology--especially structures of labium, labrum, and maxilla--to identify species.
The surgical specimen consisted of a partial vulvectomy, including posterior portions of labium majus, fourchette, and a portion of perineal skin and soft tissue.
Labium triangule, 850-875 [micro]m altum, 475-500 [micro]m latum.