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Noun1.labor agreement - contract between labor and management governing wages and benefits and working conditionslabor agreement - contract between labor and management governing wages and benefits and working conditions
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
yellow-dog contract - a labor contract (now illegal) whereby the employee agrees not to join a trade union
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The Philippine Embassy expects the deployment of Filipino caregivers in Israel to increase further once a bilateral labor agreement is finalized between the two countries.
finished the Gulf Coast Houston Lateral Project, the final section of the TransCanada XL Pipeline, also completed under a project labor agreement.
to fully realize the benefits of its five-year labor agreement with the Teamsters, the deal is already going over well on Wall Street.
The court said that Peabody was obligated to make payments (that have been consistently paid) until such time as a new labor agreement was approved between Patriot and the UMWA," Peabody said.
The long-awaited labor agreement on Filipino household service workers (HSW) will finally be signed by the Kingdom and the Philippines tomorrow.
In November 2010, ABF signaled its intent to take legal action against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, various subsidiaries of YRC Worldwide and other entities, following a ratimed labor agreement by YRCW Teamsters members on the grounds that these organizations are violating the National Master Freight Agreement, which serves as the collective bargaining agreement for the majority of U.
A nonunion firm protested a required "project labor agreement," saying it wouldn't get the job because it would have to hire union workers.
ICC), Indianapolis, agreed to a new labor agreement that has stopped closure procedures that have been underway at the metalcasting facility for more than a year.
Northwest Airlines flight attendants continued to rattle their sabers following Monday's rejection of the latest labor agreement, announcing their "intent to exercise their right to strike" on the evening of Aug.
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals and the United Steelworkers of America, Local 7334, have announced a new 51-month labor agreement.