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Noun1.labor organizer - someone who enlists workers to join a unionlabor organizer - someone who enlists workers to join a union
union representative - a representative for a labor union
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Karapatan said the killing happened after their members in the province were subjected to "periodic surveillance by elements of the military intelligence company." Labor organizer Dennis Sequena from Partido Manggagawa was gunned down on June 2.
The family of labor organizer Marklen Maojo Maga has vowed to appeal his conviction for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, calling the court's decision a 'bad precedent.''
"We believe this an extrajudicial killing for Dennis' work as a labor organizer," Magtubo said.
He shares his memories of growing up in the Bronzeville neighborhood on Chicago's South Side, fighting in WWII, and working in Chicago as a labor organizer and civil rights activist.
Looking forward, MNA is planning for growth and a step toward that goal was realized this fall in hiring a lead labor organizer. This organizing position is the first of its kind as MNA has not had, to our knowledge, any organizing department positons within the labor program.
Duren hires Casey to kill Ala Gadomska, a labor organizer who is stirring up trouble at one of Duren's mills in northern Mississippi.
"It's impossible to organize an initiative like Labor Day without a job," the voice of an off-frame labor organizer announces to his invisible workers' rally, "because we're celebrating the fear of losing one's job."
It features 18 images, including those of Rosa Parks during the Montgomery bus boycott, farm labor organizer Cesar Chavez, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and the American Indian Movement's occupation of Alcatraz Island.
McIntyre's dance-theatre exploration of the Farmville segregation walkout of 1951, Open the Dow; Virgin ia.'; and last fall's Can't Scare Me, the Story of Mother Jones, Kaiulani Lee's ode to the legendary labor organizer.
Jose Oliva, a longtime Chicago labor organizer who is now the national policy director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, said the department should be placing the onus on employers to prove they made restitution payment, rather than relying on workers to file more paperwork.
A former labor organizer and the state's first openly gay speaker, Perez presented his colleagues with a small rubber ducky with his name and the state seal imprinted on each.
This jazz-themed opera focuses on the life and death of Lewis Bradford, a minister and labor organizer in the Detroit area during the Great Depression.