labor pains

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Noun1.labor pains - a regularly recurrent spasm of pain that is characteristic of childbirthlabor pains - a regularly recurrent spasm of pain that is characteristic of childbirth
pang - a sharp spasm of pain
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Proctor told BBC she started experiencing labor pains on Monday, two weeks prior to the delivery date.
He said C-sections have many pros, namely reducing labor pains and shorter labor times of up to 30 minutes, while some of the many cons include high surgery costs.
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The pregnant woman was rushed to a medical clinic in Varzaneh, a small town near Esfahan, after experiencing severe labor pains.
Mary Ann Adjaen, 26, from Dipolog City was at the arrival area waiting for her husband who was coming from Rizal province when she developed stomach cramps and started complaining of labor pains.
Sarkar, 31, who wasn't expecting to deliver for another two weeks, was having what she thought were false labor pains, when she and her husband decided to play it safe and check in with her doctor.
To a primigravid patient, initial onset of labor pains can be construed as abdominal colic or gas pain.
Soon, she experienced significant labor pains and called the nurses, who paged an anesthesiologist to administer another epidural.
For dinner we ate Mexican food, and mistook the first labor pains for heartburn.
Right now, Syleena is listening to her own albums, Chapter 3: The Flesh and Chapter 4: Labor Pains, along with her father's album, Syl Johnson's Greatest Hits.