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Labor Party

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) one of the chief political parties of Australia, generally supporting the interests of organized labour
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Noun1.labor party - a left-of-center political party formed to represent the interest of ordinary working people
party, political party - an organization to gain political power; "in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"
Australian Labor Party - the oldest political party in Australia, founded in 1891; the party is moderately liberal
British Labour Party, Labour Party, Labour, Labor - a political party formed in Great Britain in 1900; characterized by the promotion of labor's interests and formerly the socialization of key industries
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Naz Shah of Labor Party belongs to her native town of Chakswari, the parent constituency of the incumbent AJK Prime Minister, in this district.
Australian Labor Party - New South Wales Senator the Hon Jacinta Collins -- Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations
Beers begins Your Britain with an overview of the development of the mass media during the early twentieth century, providing the context for her analysis of the Labor Party's communication strategies.
CAIRO: The Ministry of Interior has procrastinated in implementing an Administrative Court order granting parole to Labor Party Leader Magdy Hussein, said acting Labor Party Secretary General Abdel-Hamid Barakat on Monday.
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has split from the center-left Labor Party in a move that some analysts say will strengthen the right-wing elements of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's governing coalition.
This would allow Netanyahu to stay in power if the Labor Party, headed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, withdraws from the coalition.
The Labor party received one place in the European Parliament elections and the head of the party, Uspaskich, is the prospective delegate to the EP.
Robin Archer, Why is There No Labor Party in the United States?, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2007.
Henderson first won election to Parliament in 1903 under the sponsorship of the Labor Representation Committee, serving as the secretary of the Labor Party from 1911 to 1934.
That may not sound like typical rhetoric in Al Gore's Democratic Party, but Janezich has already secured the endorsement of Minnesota's Democratic-Farmer Labor Party, along with the Minnesota AFL-CIO, the state's Teamsters, the United Auto Workers, and the Steelworkers.
The Labor Party held its second national convention at the downtown Pittsburgh convention center on November 13-15, 1998.