adj.1.characterized by toilsome effort; same as laborious; - British spelling.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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LABOURIOUS EXERCISEHarvested fruits are threshed to remove berries from batches and then cleaned.
And the labourious task becomes even more exasperating during the summer in temperatures of 46AC and a humidity level that hovers around 80 per cent.
Considering the labourious work that is involved with construction sites, fatalities may be caused due to exhaustion and stress.
Prof Tahir mentioned that the blind teachers had to prepare their lectures from recorded books by writing the same in Braille, which was more labourious for them but they were denied their due allowance.
Traditional cultivation techniques of this crop are labourious, costly and water exhaustive and per hectare yield of sugarcane of KP is low compared to other provinces of the country.
Probably because her hard work and labourious efforts do not earn her wages and, therefore, cannot be gauged in the form of GDP which is a measure of the market value' of all the final goods and services' produced in a given period of time.
The bailout, if it can be called that, ought to have given the government something to celebrate after some labourious begging.
Both efforts are part of a labourious, costly international experiment that researchers say offers the only hope for warding off total devastation of reef systems worldwide that provide the primary source of food to as many as a billion people and a home to one quarter of all marine species at some point in their lives.
Dogged Cook at times played and missed but kept himself in check against the moving ball to graft a labourious 70 showing respect to the accuracy of Pakistan bowlers.
Instead of tackling the increasingly worsening humanitarian crisis of Gaza's 2 million residents because of the prolonged blockade laid by his government, or how his government would cooperate with the United States and the Arab Quartet--once Washington officially announces its blue print for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, Netanyahu chose to engage in labourious finger-pointing.
A handful of them, like dancer Vankosaun Serei, will have to undergo labourious changes of costume.