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adj.1.characterized by toilsome effort; same as laborious; - British spelling.
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Ranawaka had at the end of the book labouriously paraphrased Tennyson's immortal poem on that fatal and shambolic charge of the Imperial British Light Brigade in the open plains of Crimea.
The latest redesign makes the Mini Player handier than ever, but if you're confused about how to access it other than labouriously going through the menu, fret not
Workers were displayed at their stations labouriously starting or finishing projects.
Trade goods would be unloaded from the ships and transported labouriously back upriver to Fort Edmonton to be traded there or transhipped to the outlying posts in the Saskatchewan District.
Indeed, there were two lines of text labouriously carved in the rock wall.
He observed that every day the women had to spend four hours a day labouriously hauling well water for cooking and cleaning.
And those who attend the rite, by the very fact of their presence, all declare consent in the bundle of post-mortem determinations that labouriously have been arrived at.
The labouriously prepared and refereed conclusions are then given freely to journals whose production costs and profits restrict knowledge circulation.
Oddfellows' Magazine, "were by him labouriously acquired in
elsewhere negotiated labouriously over centuries, sometimes many centuries--roughly six hundred years elapsed between the Magna Carta and the emergence of modern Parliamentary government in England.
Everyday, he labouriously picked up the pieces of his fractured body and assembled them into a statue.
He never presents his argument in a clear and accessible form but forces the reader to tease it out labouriously.