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 (lăb′ə-rĭn′thĭn, -thēn′) or lab·y·rin·thi·an (-thē-ən)
Relating to, resembling, or constituting a labyrinth: "the labyrinthine corridors ... of bureaucratic red tape" (William H. Hallahan).
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Adj.1.labyrinthian - resembling a labyrinth in form or complexitylabyrinthian - resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity; "a labyrinthine network of tortuous footpaths"
complex - complicated in structure; consisting of interconnected parts; "a complex set of variations based on a simple folk melody"; "a complex mass of diverse laws and customs"
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His brother Frederick of the dim eye, palsied hand, bent form, and groping mind, submissively shuffled at his side, accepting his patronage as he accepted every incident of the labyrinthian world in which he had got lost.
But there was some substantial bulk of it behind, buried in the trees, which had a gray, labyrinthian look, like serpents of stone, and lifted a load of leafy towers to the sky.
To the lay person, the concept may seem labyrinthian, but Griffin says with a laugh, "The students understand it," explaining that a number of them are biochemistry majors, with a music minor.
Keats as Poeta vates in Endymion and the "Labyrinthian Path to Eminence in Art." Wiirzburg: Konigshausen & Neumann, 2005.
The Timta law, a legislative victory of our immediate predecessor, has started to illuminate the dark corners of our labyrinthian incentives' regime,' he added.
Published by reposted only on March 26, 2012 'After more than a century of legal disputes since the US government tried resolving the friar lands question in the Philippines, the vast estates owned by Spanish Catholic monastic orders remain a labyrinthian issue among local courts and the much-assailed irregularities in the bureaucracy and the justice system had further made life difficult for those staking their claims on these prime pieces of land.
Visitors park and then breathlessly climb the steep labyrinthian streets taking them past half-timbered houses that showcase the work of cedar wood carvers, painters and textile weavers.
In this book Fine shines with visionary capability to relay to the Jewish and non- Jewish reader the nuanced complexity of the symbolism of the menorah, yet not losing the reader in a Borgean labyrinthian maze of details, because always does the master craftsman author visionarily see the forest for the trees, to give a perspective with interdisciplinary connections that offer the reader innumerable insights and enlighten the mind with expanded consciousness.
From natural to amorphous shapes, and from intricate and labyrinthian lines to stark geometric forms, Hall traces the artist's development.
The transition Crumey makes over his first three novels, however, from labyrinthian to harmonic structures, as predicated on reference to a variety of eighteenth-century thinkers, gestures to a new way of reading.
The labyrinthian hallways of Les Halles were a meeting point for youths from the suburbs for years -- a thorn in the eye of the city officials.
Ohm David's set design makes it clear that this is a dark and ponderous world, formed by labyrinthian yet open hallways where Mary journeys, Archie hides, and their separate memories emerge and sometimes collide.