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Labyrinthitis ossificans (LO) represents an otologic emergency requiring early CI to restore hearing before the complete, irreversible cochlear ossification [7].
High-resolution 3-D T2-weighted imaging in the diagnosis of labyrinthitis ossificans: emphasis on subtle cochlear involvement.
These included: (1) a left-sided osteoma of the internal auditory meatus (figure 1, A); (2) a right-sided labyrinthitis ossificans in a patient with previous meningitis (figure 1, B); and (3) bilateral cochlear calcification, worse on the right than the left, in a patient with a clinical diagnosis of otosclerosis.
Histopathological studies of temporal bone fractures reveal a variety of injuries such as complete destruction of the organ of Corti and stria vascularis, loss of hair and ganglion cells, hemorrhage into the cochlear duct, and labyrinthitis ossificans (3,4).