Aspiring to or emulating the middle class.
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"Tar; Spanish onions; kerosene oil; wet raincoats; crushed laurel-leaves; rubber burning; lace-curtains being washed--No, my mistake, lace-curtains hanging out to dry; and foxes-- hundreds of 'em--cubs; and--"
eyes of a color not found in nature is very lace-curtain Irish, and you
Part three, 'Irish Masculinities% uses the metaphor of maleness to explore a range of distinctions: between the sean nos singer and the Irish tenor; between Irish and Irish-American lace-curtain' culture and traditional culture (seen by some as heroic and to be embraced, and by others as associated with hardship and poverty and to be denied); between independent nationhood and subaltern colonialism; between lonely independent manhood and an appeal to be seen as vulnerable (through the song 'I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me').
Matthew's lace-curtain splendor, in communion with the homeless guys snoring in the back.
Soon, however, the more comfortable buildings in the prime locations around Moscow and Leningrad were made available to favoured members of the regime: power and privilege reasserted itself in terms of access to scarce resources, a process which gathered pace as the Stalin regime stabilized in the 'Great Retreat' of the mid-1930s and the new vydvizhentsyi aspired to 'chintz and lace-curtain respectability'.
Using postmodern, postcolonial, Derridean deconstructionist, feminist, and other approaches, they consider such topics as the new Northern Irish literature exemplified by Glann Patterson and Ciaran Carson, the plurality of gay identity in Fran McGuiness' drama, the new woman and the boy in fin de siecle Irish fiction, and Robert Lowell and the lace-curtain Irish.
Faith, Hope and Charity, a lace-curtain suburban church in Winnetka, Ill., where even the trees have college degrees.
His lyric, set dancing is intimate, while theirs is the official stage jig or yearning for lace-curtain, social respectability.
The Fishers are neither blue collar, exactly, nor lace-curtain middle-class quite, a blurriness of social focus for which the author must assume the blame, though it may be one of the secrets of the play's success, since the Fishers are prototypes of that classless American Family that would eventually dominate prime-time TV.
No wonder, then, that a place like home should be such a powerful image for us that so many of us find ourselves getting a bit weepy at reruns of "Little House on the Prairie" or moved by lace-curtain images of small-town America - picket fences and the corner drugstore.
mullioned, intricate, stone-set, askew, open, lace-curtained,
I try to peep inside as many houses as I can and you'd be amazed at what lurks behind those creaky, lace-curtained facades.