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Adj.1.lacelike - made of or resembling lace; "a lacy gown"; "a lacy leaf"
fancy - not plain; decorative or ornamented; "fancy handwriting"; "fancy clothes"
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Have you never seen them?" Miss Bordereau had been divested of her green shade, but (it was not my fortune to behold Juliana in her nightcap) the upper half of her face was covered by the fall of a piece of dingy lacelike muslin, a sort of extemporized hood which, wound round her head, descended to the end of her nose, leaving nothing visible but her white withered cheeks and puckered mouth, closed tightly and, as it were consciously.
It was decorated with honey tuile, a crisp, lacelike cookie made with triple sec, lemon juice and honey; and a hint of a lemon sponge cake with aratilis (Kerson fruit) compote.
Thousand-year-old lacelike carved stone crosses (khatchgars) emerge from fields of roadside poppies.
The lacelike paper panels, entitled 'Milk and Honey', commissioned from the artist Lonnie Hutchinson that explore the exploitation of indigenous
The number of crazes increased with increasing temperature, and large ellipsoidal lacelike crazes having a size of several ten micrometers were obtained at 120[degrees]C.
The osteoid matrix appears solid, homogeneous, amorphous, irregular, and lacelike or curvilinear in the background or between tumour cells.
Histological examination of lung treated with ethanol exhibited the well-aerated alveoli which form the parenchyma of the lung and give it a lacelike appearance.
The calcifications may be seen in the cytoplasm or stroma, where they demonstrate a delicate pericellular lacelike or "chicken-wire" appearance (Figure 3, C).
Her terse, lacelike drawings of repeated patterns are intensely emotive but not expressionistic.
Set the mood with candlelight streaming out of the lacelike cutouts in this ceramic lantern.
Upper G.I series shows mottled filling defect and positive density of mass with a lacelike pattern due to residual contrast medium on delayed phase (9, 10).