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He was an active user and sustained lacerated wound, traumatic amputation, and abrasion secondary to whistle bomb," the DOH reported.
Prim East sustained head injury due to fallen tree and Raquel Rosas, 10, suffered from a lacerated wound at the back of the head secondary to fall.
Classification of ocular affections based on anatomical locations Anatomical Affections location Eyelids Lacerated wound, Blepharospasm, Blepharitis, Neoplasia (Papilloma) Conjunctiva Acute/chronic conjunctivitis (Fig.
On examination, the child was irritable with profuse epistaxis, and there was a deep lacerated wound extending from the collumellar base toward the tip of the nose with nasal bleeding.
The patient did not go to the hospital that day because there seemed to be only a lacerated wound, with little damage or pain or other symptoms following the incident.