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n.1.(Anat.) A bundle or fascicle of muscular fibers.
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38-40) Of note, the tendon rarely retracts significantly into the arm because it is partially tethered by the bicipital aponeurosis, also known as the lacertus fibrosis.
For example, there are expansions of pectoralis major muscle to the brachial fascia, continuing via lacertus fibrosus and biceps muscle to the antebrachial fascia and flexor carpi radialis, then to the flexor retinaculum, and finally to the palmaris longus muscle connecting to the fascia of the thenar eminence [13].
The exam maneuver is performed by having the patient actively flex the elbow to 90[degrees] and fully supinate the forearm, and with a normal test, the examiner should be able to insert the index finger about 1cm deep to a cord like structure in the antecubital fossa, approached from the lateral side to avoid false positives from the intact lacertus aponeurosis.
lacertus blotches, the blotches in the two rows offset and reminiscent of the dark squares on a checker-board; lateral scale rows 38-42 2b.
The level of lacertus reaction of NADPICDG activity also was lower in all stages of disease.
When Albert distinguishes two kinds of muscle, musculus and lacertus, a distinction which does not correspond to any made by modern medical terminology, the translators settle reluctantly for 'muscle' and 'lacertus-muscle'.
The physical examination and radiographs can be equivocal due to the strength of the uninjured brachialis muscle and the stabilizing power of the lacertus fibrosis.
4,5) A third head (10%) to the biceps brachii is occasionally found arising at the upper and medial part of the brachialis, with the fibers of which it is continuous, and inserted into the lacertus fibrosus and medial side of the tendon of the muscle.
8) The lacertus fibrosis is composed of three layers that originate from the short head of the tendon and assists in stabilizing the tendon distally.
Surgical exploration revealed the tendon to be completely avulsed from the radial tuberosity using minimal retraction, as it was held by the lacertus fibrosus.