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Any of various neuropteran insects of several families, especially Chrysopidae and Hemerobiidae, having predaceous larvae and, in the adult, two pairs of delicate, many-veined wings and long antennae.
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(Animals) any of various neuropterous insects, esp any of the families Chrysopidae (green lacewings) and Hemerobiidae (brown lacewings), having lacy wings and preying on aphids and similar pests
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any of several slender green neuropteran insects of the family Chrysopidae, with transparent wings.
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Noun1.lacewing - any of two families of insects with gauzy wings (Chrysopidae and Hemerobiidae)lacewing - any of two families of insects with gauzy wings (Chrysopidae and Hemerobiidae); larvae feed on insect pests such as aphids
neuropteran, neuropteron, neuropterous insect - insect having biting mouthparts and four large membranous wings with netlike veins
chrysopid, green lacewing, stink fly - pale green unpleasant-smelling lacewing fly having carnivorous larvae
brown lacewing, hemerobiid, hemerobiid fly - small dark-colored lacewing fly
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GIANT plant pots and mini hibernation homes for ladybirds and lacewings were the order of the day when children got stuck in to activities at Garden Organic Ryton.
Squads of ladybirds, lacewings and hoverfly larvae are hoovering up the armies of aphids that have invaded the garden.
Lacewings too will mop up hundreds of aphids as will hoverflies.
Rearing lacewings, Chrysoperla carnea and Chrysopa oculata (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), on prepupae of alfalfa leaf cutting bee, Megachile rotundata (Hymenoptera:Megachilidae).
A variety of habitat boxes were installed throughout the area to encourage bees, ladybirds and lacewings.
Disperse them with a jet of water from a hose or pick them off and encourage their natural predators, such as ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies, by a planting necting - producing and pollen - rich plants.
Observation during the first few weeks of the trap test indicated a difference in the number of green lacewings, Chrysoperla sp.
A THESE green-bodied flying insects are called lacewings. At this time of year they are looking for snug places to stay over winter, hence their arrival in houses, greenhouses and sheds.
At the end of his visit he was presented with a small glass box of lacewings to be released in his greenhouses on the Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire.
'We aim to answer long-standing questions about the 'rescue mutation' which allows male-killing to be suppressed so quickly, such as how it affects 'maleness' and 'femaleness' in the species, its impact on insects' ability to reproduce, and how similar the rescue factor is in lacewings and butterflies.'