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A legal doctrine that bars a claimant from receiving relief where the claimant's delay in pursuing the claim has operated to the prejudice of the opposing party.

[Middle English, slackness, negligence, from Anglo-Norman lachesse, laches, from Old French laschesse, from lasche, loose, remiss; see lush1.]
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(Law) law negligence or unreasonable delay in pursuing a legal remedy
[C14 lachesse, via Old French lasche slack, from Latin laxus lax]
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(ˈlætʃ ɪz)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
Law. unreasonable delay, as in asserting a right or claim.
[1325–75; Middle English lachesse < Anglo-French; Middle French laschesse, derivative of Old French lasche slack (< Germanic); see -ice]
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incuriaprescripción negativatardanza
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Socrates replies here, as elsewhere (Laches, Prot.), that Themistocles, Pericles, and other great men, had sons to whom they would surely, if they could have done so, have imparted their own political wisdom; but no one ever heard that these sons of theirs were remarkable for anything except riding and wrestling and similar accomplishments.
There is another sort of progress from the general notions of Socrates, who asked simply, 'what is friendship?' 'what is temperance?' 'what is courage?' as in the Lysis, Charmides, Laches, to the transcendentalism of Plato, who, in the second stage of his philosophy, sought to find the nature of knowledge in a prior and future state of existence.
The problems of virtue and knowledge have been discussed in the Lysis, Laches, Charmides, and Protagoras; the puzzle about knowing and learning has already appeared in the Euthydemus.
He made no display of humility on the subject, but in his heart he felt rather ashamed that his conduct had shown laches which others who did not get benefices were free from.
Des organisations sahraouies et la Commission nationale sahraouie pour les droits de l'Homme, CONASADH, ont condamne les actes ignobles et laches et la repression marocaine contre les Sahraouis dans les villes occupees, alors qu'ils celebraient pacifiquement la victoire de l'equipe de football algerienne en finale de la coupe d'Afrique des nations (CAN 2019).
The court also rejected the argument of the BIR that Dionisia was already barred by the doctrines of estoppel and laches for raising the issue on an improperly served PAN.
By order to show cause returnable in March 2017, defendant moved for a stay of execution and/or enforcement of the July 1998 judgment, vacatur or modification of that judgment, dismissal of any statutory interest due to plaintiff's delay and the doctrine of laches, and a tolling of post-judgment interest due to plaintiff's delay.
Still more: Even if Illinois would not apply a statute of limitations, the doctrine of laches would remain.
"Skawa asserts the affirmative defense of laches to bar Smartling's lawsuit, because Smartling allegedly became aware of the Easyling mark in 2011, but took no legal action until 2014.
"Temporarily setting aside our disagreement with China (regarding) the WPS is not, per se, contributory to laches but we must at the very least mention it, including the ruling of The Hague, in our multilateral or bilateral dealings with China and other nations," Escudero said in a statement.