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1. Characterized by a lack of effort, care, or involvement: "There'll be no time to correct lackadaisical driving techniques after trouble develops" (William J. Hampton).
2. Lacking enthusiasm or interest; listless; casually lazy: If you weren't so lackadaisical in your studies, you wouldn't be so far behind in class.

[From lackadaisy, alteration of lackaday.]

lack′a·dai′si·cal·ly adv.
Usage Note: The first two syllables of lackadaisical are pronounced (lăk′ə). Some people use the pronunciation (lăk′sə), as though the word were spelled lacksadaisical or laxadaisical. The confusion is probably semantic—someone who is lackadaisical could be said to have a lax attitude. In our 2014 survey, the Usage Panel overwhelmingly preferred the traditional pronunciation. Only 12 percent of the Panel found the lax pronunciation to be acceptable, and only 6.5 percent reported that they use it as their own preferred pronunciation.
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Adv.1.lackadaisically - in an idle and lackadaisical manner; "he was hanging around the house lackadaisically"
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[ˌlækəˈdeɪzɪklɪ] adv (see adj) → con noncuranza, svogliatamente
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Their administrative matters are handled lackadaisically. The recent mishandling of the results of board examinations by the Punjab Government and a similar stunt performed by the medical board officials in Karachi epitomise this issue.
Observe which laws get followed to the letter and which are lackadaisically enforced.
This certainly happened to David when Nathan's parable involving a fresh and "unfamiliar" symbolic story convicted David about his "strange and extraordinary" self-deception with regard to his adultery and murder, which he had become too complacently blinded to and lackadaisically "familiar" with.
The Fuel Masters played lackadaisically through the first three quarters before responding to the call of their coach to save the game and catch up with the Alaska Milk Aces, the GlobalPort Batang Pier and the Meralco Bolts at 2-1.
A few infants chase each other around in circles; one of the adults lounges lackadaisically on his back looking skyward with an arm behind his head and his legs crossed.
The sunshine also backlights the largest object in the illustration: the fort's American flag, crumpled and twirling lackadaisically near the pole.
Couple things Kenney noticed: One, Spanish bass seemed to bite lackadaisically in the blustery conditions.
Ramon shrugged, lackadaisically. "Parole has to be better than probation ..." (3)
While Field Marshal Walther von Brauchitsch [the army chief of staff] and Halder frantically looked for ways to stop the steady flow to England, the Fuhrer responded haltingly, almost lackadaisically."
Notorious for playing lackadaisically at times, the Beermen couldn't match the offensive fire of the Hotshots led by import Ricardo Ratliffe and new Gilas Pilipinas shooter Allein Maliksi.
As Missy makes her way into young adulthood, as lackadaisically as God's finger sketched out the geography of her hometown, Washington's presence proves to be the divining rod that leads her to her own true center.
Any discrepancy against women, indifferent to the intensity, must not be considered lackadaisically. I urge upon each one of you to commence this to be an ongoing debate.