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Lacking brightness, luster, or vitality; dull. See Synonyms at dull.


(ˈlækˌlʌs tər)

1. lacking brilliance or radiance; dull: lackluster eyes.
2. lacking liveliness or vitality: a lackluster performance.
3. a lack of brilliance or vitality.
Also, esp. Brit.,lack′lus`tre.
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Adj.1.lackluster - lacking brilliance or vitality; "a dull lackluster life"; "a lusterless performance"
dull - lacking in liveliness or animation; "he was so dull at parties"; "a dull political campaign"; "a large dull impassive man"; "dull days with nothing to do"; "how dull and dreary the world is"; "fell back into one of her dull moods"
2.lackluster - lacking luster or shine; "staring with lackluster eyes"; "lusterless hair"
dull - emitting or reflecting very little light; "a dull glow"; "dull silver badly in need of a polish"; "a dull sky"


1. Lacking gloss and luster:
References in classic literature ?
Giry looked into the envelope with a lackluster eye, which soon recovered its brilliancy.
He looked at her with lackluster eyes for a moment, then answered
Worcester is a lackluster city with an equally lackluster City Council.
Harry has seen the nipple pictures but his reaction has been very lackluster simply because it's nothing he hasn't seen before," the source said.
Summary: US stocks fell sharply Tuesday on growing concerns about Europe's sovereign debt crisis and lackluster corporate earnings at home.
KUWAIT, July 25 (KUNA) -- Performance of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) appeared lackluster this week as Summer and Ramadan trading lull, anticipation to financial results of the first half of 2012, regional political tensions and sustained volatility on global equity and oil markets make investors wary of raising their risk exposure.
By the late 1990s, after more than 270 performances, the visual splendor of Nureyev's production had faded and the dancing had become lackluster.
Given the lackluster performance of other presumed first timers, "it was difficult to summon much enthusiasm" for McNaught, says Brian Marsden of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.
He first hired on to take over the University of Wisconsin's substandard college football program with its lackluster collegiate support.
While OCC has been lackluster lately, other grades have faired better, particularly old newspapers (ONP).
During two historic, long and lackluster stock-market periods, the right kind of equity-indexed annuity would have outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, including reinvested dividends, according to Pete Winer, a chartered financial consultant with Covenant Reliance Producers LLC, Nashville, Tenn.