lacrimal artery

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Noun1.lacrimal artery - an artery that originates from the ophthalmic artery and supplies the lacrimal gland and rectal eye muscles and the upper eyelid and the forehead
eye, oculus, optic - the organ of sight
arteria, arterial blood vessel, artery - a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
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When the definitive ophthalmic artery differentiates as a branch from the terminal part of the internal carotid artery it communicates with supraorbital branch of stapedial artery, distally this becomes the lacrimal artery. The latter retains an anastomotic connection with the middle meningeal artery.
Intraorbital part of ramus superior and its lacrimal branch are transformed into definitive lacrimal artery of human adult.
Gabriele and Bell (1967) stated that if meningiomas are supplied by meningeal branches that anastamose with the lacrimal artery branches there may be striking and clinically important enlargement of the ophthalmic artery and its branches.