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A cyclic amide, or any compound containing it, formed by the intramolecular condensation of an amino carboxylic acid.

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(Elements & Compounds) chem any of a group of inner amides, derived from amino acids, having the characteristic group -CONH-
[C20: from lact(one) + am(ide)]
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(ˈlæk tæm)

any of a group of cyclic amides characterized by the NHCO group.
[1880–85; lact (one) + am (ide)]
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The acquisition will help us leverage our expertise in beta lactam manufacturing segment."
The acquisition will help us leverage our expertise in beta lactam manufacturing segment." (Beta lactam is a class of broad-spectrum antibiotics, consisting of all antibiotic agents that contain a beta-lactam ring in their molecular structures.)
At our institution as well as other military and civilian medical centers, it is common to use the antipseudomonal beta lactam piperacillin-tazobactam in combination with a fluoroquinolone for empiric gram-negative coverage.
"Lactam" is a portmanteau of "lactone" (from the Latin lactis, "milk," since lactic acid was isolated from soured milk) and "amide." The "[beta]" refers to the nitrogen's position on the second carbon in the ring.
Nitin specialises in manufacturing liquid ampoules, liquid vials, sterile dry powder (beta lactam and non beta lactam), multidose eye/ear drops and lyophilized vials covering more than 200 formulations across various therapeutic areas including antibiotics, anti-malarial, NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetics.
Mitim is private-owned and specializes in the filling of injectable beta lactam products.
In our study we focused on Beta ([beta]) lactam group of antibiotics, since they are widely used in therapy for bacterial infections in cattle, particularly for the treatment of mastitis.
The goal is to establish a fingerprint of the damage caused by beta- lactam antibiotics, thus yielding a panel of bacterial biomarkers that can be leveraged for diagnostic purposes.
Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) does not recommend all beta lactam antibiotic discs to be placed on the same Staphylococcus aureus lawn on Mueller Hinton agar 2.
Beta lactam ([beta]-lactam) group of antibiotics are the workhorse antimicrobial agents in routine management of patients, but the rising prevalence of extended spectrum [beta]- lactamase (ESBL) mediated resistance is giving clinicians a tough time to advise appropriate antimicrobials to their patients as the therapeutic options are limited.
High-gloss, polyvinylidene fluoride-based coating systems and methods (discloses solutions of polyvinylidene resins with very high vinylidene difluoride content in lactam solvent systems and their uses to form high gloss coatings, especially high gloss clear coatings.