lactase deficiency

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Noun1.lactase deficiency - congenital disorder consisting of an inability to digest milk and milk products; absence or deficiency of lactase results in an inability to hydrolyze lactose
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Patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, the Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicinal product.
Lactase deficiency has been observed in 30% to 40% of patients with Crohn's disease.
The severity of the symptoms depends on the degree of lactase deficiency.
These people may have a lactase deficiency in their small intestine, but their bacteria can break the lactose down, so they don't have symptoms.
The most common form of lactose intolerance in infants is caused by secondary lactase deficiency, often following gastrointestinal infection precipitating damage to the villi where lactase is produced.
Secondary lactase deficiency is temporary and could be a result of prolonged intake of antibiotics, or due to intestinal infections or some injury to the small intestine.
Not all people with lactase deficiency have digestive symptoms, but those who do may have lactose intolerance.
4]) Senna Magnesium citrate Bisacodyl Milk of Magnesia Phenolphthalein Polyethylene glycol solution Chronic alcohol ingestion Magnesium-containing antacids Bacterial infections Carbohydrate malabsorption Bile acid malabsorption Lactase deficiency Neoplasm Lactulose Gastrinoma Sorbitol VIPoma Villous adenoma of rectum Inflammatory Bowel Disease Celiac disease Hyperthyroidism
It can also be the result of the rare congenital lactase deficiency and secondary hypolactasia caused by atrophy or damage of the small intestine mucosa (1, 2).
1969) and, lactose intolerance in individuals with lactase deficiency (Dahlqvist et al.