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lac·tate 1

intr.v. lac·tat·ed, lac·tat·ing, lac·tates
To secrete or produce milk.

[Latin lactāre, lactāt-, from lac, lact-, milk; see lacto-.]

lac·tate 2

A salt or ester of lactic acid.

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Adj.1.lactating - producing or secreting milk; "a wet nurse"; "a wet cow"; "lactating cows"
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County executive for health Geoffrey Lipale urged men to support their lactating wives by exempting them from moving with livestock over long distances in search of pasture and water.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 5 (ANI): The Maharashtra State Women Commission on Wednesday wrote a letter to Union Railways minister Piyush Goyal demanding two reserved seats for pregnant and lactating women in every coach of local trains.
MITHI -- The Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar has said that with the help of District Health Officer Tharparkar has set modalities for registering eligible pregnant and lactating women in kaloi taluka who claim to have been missed or had not approached health facilities at the time when registration was being done there after following successful registration the leftover eligible pregnant and lactating women of kaloi would be provided family ration bags from tomorrow (Friday), , besidesthat distributing Family ration bags in the Pregnant and Lactating women is also ongoing on daily basis and till date 60 thousand 802 ration bags have been distributed in Phase-II and 36 thousand 656 bags already distributed in Phase -I.
THARPARKAR -- The Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar Mohammad Asif Jamil said in a statement that the District Health Officer Tharparkar has finalized the list of 36,708 pregnant and lactating women of Tharparkar district collected with the help of PPHI, HANDS and Lady Health Workers, while the distribution of ration packs is continuing in a transparent way.
Similarly, 1, 597, 855 pregnant and lactating women were examined of which 104, 288 were found malnourished.
Lacking sufficient iodine during gestation or while lactating can interfere with the normal brain development of the mothers' offspring.
An experiment was conducted to determine the calcium status of male and female (lactating and non-lactating) grazing goats (Thalli breed) during summer and winter seasons at a private goat farm in Punjab, Pakistan.
Lactating adenoma is one of the breast tumours associated with pregnancy.
ABSTRACT : Data of 42 balance measurements from dry and lactating Holstein cows and blood and urine samples from 24 Japanese Black cows were collected to evaluate the potential for predicting urinary nitrogen (N) excretion from plasma urea nitrogen (PUN).
A recently developed PBPK model for perchlorate and iodide kinetics in the lactating and neonatal rat demonstrates the utility of PBPK modeling in predicting maternal and neonatal distribution of these two compounds.