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1. Of, relating to, or resembling milk.
2. Anatomy Of or relating to any of numerous minute intestinal lymph-carrying vessels that convey chyle from the intestine to lymphatic circulation and thereby to the thoracic duct.
n. Anatomy
A lacteal vessel.

[From Latin lacteus, from lac, lact-, milk; see melg- in Indo-European roots.]

lac′te·al·ly adv.


1. of, relating to, or resembling milk
2. (Physiology) (of lymphatic vessels) conveying or containing chyle
(Anatomy) any of the lymphatic vessels conveying chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic duct
[C17: from Latin lacteus of milk, from lac milk]
ˈlacteally adv


(ˈlæk ti əl)

1. pertaining to, consisting of, or resembling milk; milky.
2. conveying or containing chyle.
3. any of the minute lymphatic vessels that convey chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic duct.
[1625–35; < Latin lacte(us) milky (lact-, s. of lac milk)]
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Noun1.lacteal - any of the lymphatic vessels that convey chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic ductlacteal - any of the lymphatic vessels that convey chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic duct
lymph vessel, lymphatic vessel - a vascular duct that carries lymph which is eventually added to the venous blood circulation
Adj.1.lacteal - relating to or consisting of or producing or resembling milk; "lacteal fluids"; "lacteal organs"


[ˈlæktɪəl] ADJlácteo
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Through the m-AR function of the PDA, I could see a virtual Uca lacteal waving its fiddle claws on the swamp that are not normally seen in the real world and even those that no longer inhabit the earth.
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