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1. Milky.
2. Botany Secreting or yielding a milky sap.

[Latin lactēscēns, lactēscent-, present participle of lactēscere, inchoative of lactēre, to be milky, from lac, lact-, milk; see melg- in Indo-European roots.]

lac·tes′cence n.


1. (Biology) (of plants and certain insects) secreting a milky fluid
2. milky or becoming milky
[C18: from Latin lactescēns, from lactescēre to become milky, from lact-, lac milk]
lacˈtescence n
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Totally, 122 patients in Group A had serum TG >1000 mg/dl; 102 patients in Group B had maximal TG levels between 500 and 1000 mg/dl accompanied by lactescent serum; 100 patients with biliary AP and 99 patients with alcoholic AP hospitalized during the study period were enrolled as controls.
Et des lors, je me suis baigne dans le Poeme De la Mer, infuse d'astres, et lactescent, Devorant les azurs verts[.] (vv.
The milky (lactescent) appearance is due to lipemia, which causes analytical interference by scattering light and decreasing the plasma water content.