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Secretion and continued production of milk by the mammary glands.

ga·lac′to·poi·et′ic (-ĕt′ĭk) adj.
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n. galactopoyesis, producción de leche.
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(15) found an 18-hour delay in the diabetic group to complete the transition from phase I to phase II of lactogenesis, which hindered the establishment of breastfeeding.
Prolactin (PRL) is a luteotropic and pleiotropic hormone involved in many physiological functions, such as angiogenesis, the immune response, osmoregulation, reproductive behavior and lactogenesis. It is needed for the regulation of gonadal luteinizing hormone receptors in both genders, and it is necessary for lactation in females (1,2).
The mechanism by which this factor is involved in the duration of LME is apparently because early suction favors the second stage of lactation, or lactogenesis (creation of milk); and it is when the continuous production of milk is established, as well as the capacity to respond to demands of the newborn.
In vivo study of prolactin (PRL) intracellular signalling during lactogenesis in the rat: JAK/STAT pathway is activated by PRL in the mammary gland but not in the liver.
During this period dairy cattle are at higher risk for metabolic diseases which is characterized by marked changes in their endocrine status compared to any other time in lactation gestation cycle with reduced feed intake when nutrient demand for developing conceptus and impending lactogenesis are more (Kimura et al., 2006).
Mueller, "Effect of early breast milk expression on milk volume and timing of lactogenesis stage II among mothers of very low birth weight infants: A pilot study," Journal of Perinatology, vol.
Here, the extracts were applied for stimulation of mammogenesis, lactogenesis, and galactopoiesis [67].
Briley, "The roles of pregn-5-ene-3[beta],20[alpha]- diol and 20[alpha]-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase in the control of progesterone synthesis preceding parturition and lactogenesis in the rat," Biochemical Journal, vol.
Additionally, steroid hormones of the ovary and placenta have been implicated as stimulators of mammary gland development, involving complex interactions between E2 and epithelial mammary cells, resulting in mammogenesis, lactogenesis, galactopoiesis, and involution [39].
En la vaca, el periodo de transicion se caracteriza por modificaciones dramaticas en el estado endocrino de las hembras bovinas gestantes, que las prepara para los eventos del parto y de la lactogenesis (17) .