lactogenic hormone

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Noun1.lactogenic hormone - gonadotropic hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary; in females it stimulates growth of the mammary glands and lactation after parturition
gonadotrophic hormone, gonadotrophin, gonadotropic hormone, gonadotropin - hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and placenta; stimulates the gonads and controls reproductive activity
lactogen - any agent that enhances milk production
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For lactogenic hormone induction, the HC11 cells as a negative control and HC11-EGFP cells were cultured in growth media (RPMI1640 [HyClone Co., USA] containing 10% FBS [HyClone Co., USA], 100 unit/mL penicillin, 100 [micro]g/mL streptomycin, 5 [micro]g/mL insulin [Sigma Chemical Co., St Louis, MO, USA] and 10 [micro]g/mL epidermal growth factor [Invitrogen Co., Carlsbad, CA USA]).
However, when lactogenic hormone was added, the luciferase activity of p[beta]CE1TATA and p[beta]CE1mTATA were 0.26 and 0.112, respectively.
Mammary epithelial cell line HC11 was able to differentiate and induce expression of the [beta]-casein gene when stimulated with lactogenic hormones. As previously reported (Baratta et al., 2000) treatment of confluent cultures with differentiation medium containing the lactogenic hormones dexamethasone, insulin and prolactin led to a dose-dependent induction of [beta]-casein mRNA expression, while proliferating cells or HC11 cultured in differentiation medium lacking prolactin expressed very low levels of [beta]-casein mRNA.