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A cyclic ester, or a compound containing a cyclic ester, formed by the intramolecular condensation of a hydroxy carboxylic acid.

lac·ton′ic (-tŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of organic compounds formed from hydroxy acids and containing the group -C(CO)OC-, where the carbon atoms are part of a ring
lactonic adj


(ˈlæk toʊn)

any of a group of internal esters derived from hydroxy acids.
[1840–50; lact(ic acid) + -one]
lac•ton′ic (-ˈtɒn ɪk) adj.
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All above spectral data revealed that it was a tarxastane type triterpene having a lactone, a ketone group and a terminal olefinic moiety.
The interdisciplinary team of scientists has hit the bulls-eye with the beta lactone EZ120 and found that it does indeed inhibit the biosynthesis of the mycomembrane and kills mycobacteria effectively.
Researchers here have isolated the sesquiterpene lactone damsin from the plant and studied its effect on cancer stem cells in three different breast cancer cell lines.
Among the mechanisms proposed to sesquiterpene lactones action, for example, is the ability of the lactone molecule to react with nucleophiles present in the DNA molecules or sulfur atoms from amino acids of proteins/enzymes, unleashing an oxidative process (Bachelier et al.
AHLs are highly conserved molecules having the common homoserine lactone moiety but differ in the length and structure of the acyl side chain (3).
One of these promising anticancer drugs is Brefeldin A (BFA), a cyclic macrolide with a lactone ring.
US 9,254,248 B2; Kao Corporation, Tokyo, has been awarded a US patent for a method of inhibiting an odor caused by sotolone (a lactone and aroma compound with the typical smell of fenugreek or curry at high concentrations and maple syrup, caramel, or burnt sugar at lower concentrations).
Due to its abundance in oak-aged wine and relatively low detection threshold, cis-oak lactone is perhaps the most important oak volatile.
lobata and the contained furanoheliangolide sesquiterpene lactone lobatin B inhibited the expression of the fusion onco-protein NPM/ALK (Kiss et al.
e peptide molecules which were produced by Gram positive bacteria and acyl homoserine lactone (AHL) which were produced by Gram negative bacteria [15].
Traditionally, canine chemoprophylaxis for heartworms relied on the oral macrocyclic lactones, but recent laboratory studies have now demonstrated increasing macrocyclic lactone resistance by D.
33*34 If not handled properly, the active form has a tendency to revert to the more stable but inactive lactone form.