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1. A ceiling constructed with recessed panels.
2. pl. lac·u·nar·i·a (lăk′yə-nâr′ē-ə) A recessed panel in such a ceiling.

[Latin lacūnar, from lacūna, hole; see lagoon.]


n, pl lacunars or lacunaria (ˌlækjʊˈnɛərɪə)
1. (Architecture) Also called: lequear a ceiling, soffit, or vault having coffers
2. (Architecture) another name for coffer3
3. of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
4. (Architecture) of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
5. (Biology) of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
6. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
[C17: from Latin lacūnar panelled ceiling, from lacūna cavity; see lacuna]
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Moreover, silent CSVD, which is usually ignored, is characterized by white matter lesions (WMLs), enlarged perivascular spaces (EPVSs), lacunar infarcts (LIs), and cerebral microbleeds (CMBs).
Global involutional changes, bilateral old lacunar infarcts and acute infarcts at splenium of corpus callosum and deep white matter along the occipital horn of the right lateral ventricle were identified.
11 Basal cistern or even lateral fissure enhancement, hydrocephalus and basal ganglia lacunar lesions displayed by MRI are considered as three characteristics of tubercular meningitis.
Laterality was not noticed among the cases who had either watershed or lacunar infarction in the present study.
According to OCSP classification, there are four types of cerebral infarction: total anterior circulation infarction (TACI), partial anterior circulation infarction (PACI), posterior circulation infarction (POCI) and lacunar infarction (LACI).
Hypoperfusion and subsequent hypoxia, the most likely cause in this case, and small vessel disease are the most common causes of lacunar strokes.
Computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain showed senile cortical atrophy and old lacunar infarctions in the right basal ganglion.
Uyttenboogaart et al18 performed a study in which the relation between serum glucose measured within 6 h after stroke onset and functional outcome was analyzed in 1375 ischemic stroke patients and it showed that hyperglycemia has a detrimental effect in non-lacunar stroke, but moderate hyperglycemia may be beneficial in lacunar stroke But majority of the recent studies performed to determine the effect of admission hyperglycaemia on stroke prognosis have shown a detrimental effect.
An uncontrasted brain computed tomography (CT) scan revealed age-inappropriate atrophy with multiple lacunar infarcts due to significant small-vessel disease.
Forgotten in that lacunar worldview was the hard fact that the forefathers of today's Rohingya people had settled in Arakan before those of the Rakhine people.
No contexto dessa descontinuidade, o inconsciente se apresentava de maneira episodica, mas constante, no campo lacunar da consciencia.
Granulomas can be found in lacunar spaces or sometimes in close contact with bone trabeculae.