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1. A ceiling constructed with recessed panels.
2. pl. lac·u·nar·i·a (lăk′yə-nâr′ē-ə) A recessed panel in such a ceiling.

[Latin lacūnar, from lacūna, hole; see lagoon.]
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n, pl lacunars or lacunaria (ˌlækjʊˈnɛərɪə)
1. (Architecture) Also called: lequear a ceiling, soffit, or vault having coffers
2. (Architecture) another name for coffer3
3. of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
4. (Architecture) of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
5. (Biology) of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
6. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) of, relating to, or containing a lacuna or lacunas
[C17: from Latin lacūnar panelled ceiling, from lacūna cavity; see lacuna]
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Differing risk factor profiles of ischemic stroke subtypes: Evidence for a distinct lacunar arteriopathy?
Ischemic stroke are divedided in thre subtype: large artery or atherosclerotic infarction, cardioembolic infarction and small vessel or lacunar infarctions.
o que se rompeu foi a linha ou a fibra de universo que prolongava os acontecimentos uns nos outros, ou garantia a juncao das porcoes de espaco [...] A elipse deixa de ser um modo de narracao, uma maneira pela qual se vai de uma acao a uma situacao parcialmente desvendada: ela pertence a propria situacao, e a realidade e lacunar bem como dispersiva (Deleuze, 1983: 231).
We also revealed lacunar resorption of bone trabeculae with the growth of fibrous tissue in interplate spaces.
Brain infarction due to ischemia in the perforating arteries which supply the brain white and deep grey matter nuclei, also known as lacunar infarction or lacunar stroke, accounts for 20% to 25% of all ischemic strokes [1].
[6] Lacunar infarcts, cystic periventricular leukomalacia, multiple sclerosis, cryptococcosis and neuro-epithelial cysts may also mimic enlarged PVS.
Fasting Hcy was also a strong risk factor for the cardioembolic subtype (OR=2.8, 95% CI:1.4 to 5.6; P=0.05) for Hcy above 15 [micro]mol/L in our patients, but not for the large vessel or lacunar or the other undetermined categories.
With lacunar infarctions, both upper-limb (UL) and lower-limb paresis are related purely to a white matter lesion [11].
HONOLULU--Aggressive lowering of systolic blood pressure in patients with recent lacunar stroke safely reduced the risk of recurrent stroke by about 20% in the BP intervention arm of the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes trial.
Histological examination of this specimen revealed metaplastic ossification to lamellar bone with eosinophilic ossified matrix, lacunar spaces and haversian vascular canals characteristic of bone (Fig.
In recent years, combination therapy with tissue plasminogen activator and edaravone has begun, and functional improvements have been reported [ 1] with functional recovery effects in patients with lacunar infarctions [3, 5-7].
"It's notable that in this study, the vitamin D association was strongest with so-called lacunar infarction, which is thought to arise primarily with changes in blood vessels due to high blood pressure." Lacunar infarction is a type of stroke that affects the arteries deep in the brain.