ladder company

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n.1.Same as hook-and-ladder company, hook-and-ladder truck.
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The Professor charged up and down the green aisles like a stout Teutonic knight, with a pole for a lance, leading on the boys, who made a hook and ladder company of themselves, and performed wonders in the way of ground and lofty tumbling.
We saw slick fire trucks including the "engine company" that carries water to supplement the fire hydrant existing on site of the fire, the "ladder company" that brings ladders and other tools essential for burning high rise buildings, and the emergency medical truck or the "rescue company" that holds specialized tools, like the heavy scissors used for ripping open a car which has pinned down a passenger in an accident.
He even went to ladder company websites to search for accessories.
Louisville Ladder's reliable reputation, customer driven focus, strong moral ethics, and desire to push innovation make them stand out as the ladder company that is Built To Be Above.
He also was a member of the Commack Volunteer Fire Department since 2000 and a 13-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department, where he served in Ladder Company 113, Flatbush, Brooklyn, and Engine Company 302, Jamaica, Queens.
The 1860s building was the long-time warehouse for the owner, Putnam Ladder Company, which still occupies space in the adjacent building.
McClellan telegrammed the mayor of Baltimore that "Nine fire engines and one hook and ladder company shipped to you on 6:34 o'clock train this morning in charge of battalion chief." That chief was Howe, and the special train carried the fire equipment, including, says Hashagen, "seven gleaming steam fire engines, several hose tenders and a hook-and-ladder truck, all lashed down securely," this after being transported across the Hudson River on a Liberty Street ferry to the rail station.
"If we have an engine or ladder company training, then (students) will be welcome to join in," Forbes said.
My time there was between engine company work, heavy rescue and ladder company work.
It should also be noted that after the Houston Fire Department (with a manning of three firefighters) experienced 2 firefighting fatalities NIOSH noted, "It is recommended that a minimum acceptable fire company staffing level should be 4 members responding on or arriving with each engine and each ladder company responding to any type of fire.
of Ladder Company 142, who rescued two children and a 28-year-old woman on two different floors, despite black smoke and heavy heat, during a tire at 97-12 93rd Street in Queens on January 27, 2009.