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(Plants) any of various orchids of the Eurasian genus Cypripedium, esp C. calceolus, having reddish or purple flowers. See also moccasin flower, cypripedium


or la′dy-slip`per,

any of several orchids, esp. of the genus Cypripedium, having a slipper-shaped flower lip.
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What type of flower has a genus called lady's-slipper?
During their two-day botanical hunt, the group felt fortunate and thrilled to have seen seventeen different species of orchids, from the small twayblade, Listera australis, to the large and regal lady's-slipper, Cypripedium reginae.
For instance, the familiar lady's-slippers (among the showiest of our native species) and pink lady's-slipper are commonly found in acid soils of pine and oak forests across the state.
Lessard said, "My dad told me that to pick a lady's-slipper is like killing a mockingbird.
In this country alone, the lady's-slipper orchid now only exists in the wild in one location in Northamptonshire and the beautiful and rare oxlip can only be found wild in five woods in East Anglia.
Cypripedium passerinum (Richards.): Northern, Franklin's or Sparrow's Egg Lady's-Slipper
All the previously mentioned orchids do like to dry out between waterings, but again there are other orchids, such as the lady's-slipper (Paphiopedilum), which generally like being kept evenly moist (not sopping wet) in its east window.
The Lady's-Slipper was one of only two growing in England.
When the insect enters another lady's-slipper, tiny barbs scrape off the pollen and the plant is cross-pollinated.
Where can you find the rams-head lady's-slipper in Clinton County?
What do you get if you dig up wild lady's-slippers for house plants or for transplanting in your home garden?